Engage, Educate, Promote

Engage with your clients to better understand their needs and wants but most importantly, their pains.

Educate your clients on how you can help them relieve their pain points, helping them reach their ultimate goal – more business.

Promote your good work, so clients and prospects get to know, like, and trust you.

You are inundated with calls and emails concerning your website, SEO, and social media. You are told in articles, the media and your industry’s organizations that all successful businesses are doing these and other techniques. SEO, Twitter, Facebook, PPC, CTR, CPC: how does one keep up? How does one know how to do it all? How much does it help one make more money?

JEF was formed to provide the answer to all those questions. We assist you by using traditional marketing strategies that have been proven effective in all markets, all economic environments, all industries. JEF then applies modern marketing tools to reach your strategic marketing objectives.

In plain English, we help you bring more people through the front door and keep existing clients returning time and time again. Most importantly, we show you how an investment made today, awards you a positive return tomorrow.

JEF Marketing Consulting. Marketing for ROI.


Creativity meets

We don't just create systems that provide you functionalities, we make sure that they are easy to use, intuitive and modern in terms of interface design and details.