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Power of Exposure

The power to be seen. Having the best product or service is only the first step. Without anyone finding out about you, the quality of your product is, well, worthless. Word of mouth, advertising, and the occasional promotion are old school ways to promote yourself. Today, we can help your visibility with websites, social media, and paid advertising that is unmatched in its ability to reach targeted, qualified prospects for your business.

Importance of Reputation

Being seen is certainly important. Tough to grow a business if no one knows who you are and what you do. However, there are times when being known may not be so good. 70 percent of U.S. consumers trust online feedback from complete strangers to guide their decisions. What’s more, seven in ten who read reviews or ratings online share them with friends, family and colleagues, thus amplifying their impact. Do you know what your online reputation is?

Return on Your Investment

Marketing efforts used to be difficult to monetize. How many customers will this ad bring in? Which of my ads are working? Is anyone even seeing my ads? What am I getting for my advertising costs? Great questions! JEF is Marketing for ROI. We understand your need for proper marketing metrics. We use tools and procedures that help us monitor, test and optimize the implementation of our marketing plans. Marketing for ROI. Ask us how we can help improve yours.

What We Love to Do

We strive to provide our customers with the best services and solutions that exceed demands and expectations.


Web Design

A good looking website is not that hard to build. Good graphic designers can put together sites that look amazing. But is that beauty only skin deep? There are many parts that make up a successful website beyond the nice graphic design. Is your site properly mobile optimized? Is it easy to find your phone number and address? Can I reach you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest? Are you capturing leads that are on your site? Do you have engaging visuals, pictures, video? Is your content relatable to your target audience? Is you Privacy Policy up to date? Your Terms of Service? FAQs? Testimonials? Let us make sure you have all the important pieces of the successful website puzzle and allow you to concentrate on what you do best.


Video Marketing

Today, the use of video in your marketing is no longer a cool thing that filmmakers use on their sites. Video has become essential in reaching your target audience with the message you want them to hear. Just take a look at these stats. In 1 day, 100 million internet users watch videos. It is predicted that in the next 3 years, video will account for 79% of all internet traffic. 4x as many consumers would rather learn about your product by watching a video instead of reading about it. 50% of consumers are more likely to read your email if it includes a video. You get the idea. Let us help you communicate your value in the way your clients want to see it.



If you’re a local business, the chances are that most of your customers live in your city, or even your own Zip code. You could have tens of thousands of consumers, and the odds are you’ve served them face to face. So why should you care about something as nebulous as your online reputation? After all, you’re not a tech startup wooing a worldwide client base. You know that the internet is important for your business, but it’s certainly not directly linked to your bottom line, right? Wrong. On every count.The internet is where people turn for answers, including the answer to the question: ‘Should I trust this company?’ If people don’t trust you and view you positively it doesn’t matter how great your product is - and increasingly, that decision is made on review sites, social channels and forums. Your online reputation is your reputation, and your reputation is your bottom line.


PPC - Display Advertising

Advertising is and always will be one of the most valuable business tools to achieve greater brand visibility and business growth. The problem is, in our digital world, traditional avenues such as print and other offline avenues are returning less ROI and less engagement. It is now essential that businesses find ways to reach the audience where they spend their time – online. Over the past couple of years, online advertising has been growing and maturing to become the most powerful tool for targeting qualified leads and putting your business in front of them. In other words, advertising is a numbers game. It’s all about reaching the most relevant eyes possible with the smallest amount of financial investment. With today’s digital advertising options, it’s now possible to target ads precisely by demographic, behavioral, and even psychographic information. And even better, you can measure the reach and effectiveness of ads with campaign metrics and web analytics!

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